10 Benefits of Being A Stay At Home Mom

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I remember when I was little when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a mom. Not everyone wants to be a mom or a stay at home mom and that’s okay, but for those that want to stay at home with their kids here are some awesome benefits of being a stay at home mom. 

Duties and responsibilities of a stay at home mom

Running errands

These can be anything and everything that involves running the household and accomplishing different tasks. You could be buying groceries, doing meal plans, or renewing licenses and taking care of car maintenance. Your duty as a mom basically involves making sure that everything is running smoothly in your household.

Managing finances

This includes taking care of the daily expenses, budgeting, and financial transactions that involve the whole household. Being a stay at home mom also allows you to review these expenses and try to find ways to save more and cut down costs.

Taking care of sick children

Apart from regularly taking care of the kids needs, you would also need to take care of the children especially when they are sick and not feeling well. This would mean scheduling doctors appointments, taking them to the doctor, giving medicine, and monitoring their health. This is also a good thing since you wouldn’t need to schedule vacation leaves or your spouse wouldn’t need to take time off work since you will be the one to take care of your sick child.


Being a stay at home mom means that you are your child’s first teacher. Even if your kids are still too young to go to school, they can still learn a lot from you and it doesn’t have to involve academics. You will be able to impart to them your values and wisdom. Once your children do go to school, you will then be the one to reinforce their education and make sure that everything is okay. Giving them support from home will also help them do well in school.

Becoming a stay at home mom

If you started out having a career or work outside your home, it might take some time and an adjustment period for you when you become a stay at home mom.

There may even be doubts or questions in your mind if you are doing the right thing. Being a stay at home mom can be overwhelming at times with the millions of things you have to manage, but there are ways to make the most of it and some major benefits of being a stay at home mom. 

If you’ve recently transitioned to becoming a stay at home mom find a hobby, make it a priority to meet other moms, get outside of the house, or take a walk to help you through this transition.

Benefits of being a stay at home mom:

You are always around

Being at home all the time means that you will always be there for your kids whenever they need you. You won’t be alone and while your kids are still babies or toddlers, you will be there for their first words, first step, and other exciting milestones.  

You are on top of what your child is learning

Since you will be your child’s first teacher, you will be in charge of what your child is learning and it isn’t only about the ABC’s and 123’s, but also about values, beliefs, and ideals.  

You can create a strong bond with your child

Because of the time you spend with your child and your daily interactions with them, you can create this strong bond that will last a lifetime. Your priority and focus will be on your children and they will also be able to feel this assurance that you will always be there for them.

Your kids will feel safe and taken care of

Because you are always there for your child, they will have that sense of security and they will also feel that joy of having their mom with them all the time.

Family management

When mom is at home and available to accomplish tasks and flexible enough to do different things, your home and family will be able to function better in general.

You are essentially running the household so you will be managing paying bills, cooking, cleaning, getting the kids to wherever they need to be, and planning the family schedules. Trying to manage all of this, plus working outside of the home can spread you too thin. 

Save on daycare and babysitter costs

Daycare or hiring a babysitter is expensive but sometimes parents don’t have any choice. When you are a stay at home mom, you can take care of your children in your home and you can use that money for other important things.

Save on transportation and fuel costs

Because you don’t need to drive to your workplace or commute every day, you will be able to save on gas, car maintence, public transportation fees, etc.

You don’t have to deal with workplace stress

You don’t have to worry about work deadlines, your boss, workplace stress, politics, or other similar things that you used to have to face daily. You also don’t need to stress about vacations and leaves you can get in order to spend time with your child or family.

You can interact with other stay at home moms

Find yourself a group of stay at home moms that you can interact and network with. This is good for you to share your experiences and also learn from each other. It’s always good to have a support system that is going through the same thing as you. Any tips and advice are always welcome.

You can be self-employed or find a part-time job

Once your child is already going to school, this will free up your time to either start your own business from home or you can do some part-time tasks at home in order to add to your family’s income. Your flexibility allows you to dedicate as much or as little time as you have available. 

It is rewarding to be a stay at home mom

Spending your days raising your children can be incredibly rewarding. Being able to watch them learn and grow. Teaching and experiencing life with them. It is one of the most beautiful things in this life. 

Cons of being a stay at home mom

There is always a downside to everything and there are also some disadvantages of being a stay at home mom:

  • You can feel isolated
  • You have difficulty in finding some “me time” since you are always taking care of your children
  • It can be physically exhausting
  • You can miss your work life and interacting with colleagues
  • No downtime since you would need to be “on the job” 24/7
  • Sometimes your hard work as a stay at home mom is unacknowledged since people think it’s an easy job to do
  • If you don’t have your own way of earning money, you might be dependent on your partner when it comes to finances
  • You have to deal more with the stresses of kids tantrums, fighting, and other misbehaviors.

Tips on how to be a successful stay at home mom

Have a schedule

When you plan out your day you will be able to manage your time more efficiently and get more done. This will also allow you to get in some well-deserved break time and your child will also get used to a routine or schedule.

Find connections with other stay at home moms

Aside from having that support group and a place to share experiences, you can also improve your social skills as well as your child’s whenever you bring them along.

Help from family and friends

Don’t be afraid to ask or accept help from family and friends when you need to. This will help you re-energize and have more time for yourself to recharge your batteries. It can also help your child to interact with other people and learn to be away from you.

Try something new

You can visit a museum, a park, or visit relatives and friends. This will help to break that monotony and also allow your child to develop their social skills.

Stress management

If things are getting overwhelming, you can do some breathing exercises, meditation, or quiet time to be able to regain your composure and manage stress. You can also teach these coping mechanisms to your children when they are also feeling uneasy.

Don’t forget about you!

Think positive and give yourself credit for a great job that you are doing. If you can, take time to reward yourself and pamper yourself even just a little. You can also continue to improve yourself by doing your hobbies or taking some classes if you have some free time available.  

Remember nobody is perfect

Don’t try to be perfect always so you don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself or your child. Learn from mistakes and continue to improve. As hard as it is, try to let go of the mom guilt and give yourself grace!

How to afford to be a stay at home mom

Since you won’t be working your family budget may be a bit tighter, but there are some ways you can cut down expenses and be on top of your expenses so you can afford to be a stay at home mom:

Managing money

It’s important to monitor and take down your monthly expenses so that you can analyze what you are spending on and which areas you can save or cut down.

Save on diapers and formula

When you are a stay at home mom, you can more easily breastfeed your baby and not have to buy expensive formula. You can also try to use reusable or cloth diapers instead of disposable ones in order to save.

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You can cook fresh and nutritious meals for your family

Instead of buying take-out or frozen meals from the supermarket, you can have time to cook your family’s meals which is healthier and you can save money at the same time. You may have fun looking for new recipes and you will know what you are feeding your children and family.

Earn an income from home

You can either create your own business or find freelance jobs you can do in order to earn an income for yourself or contribute to the family’s income.

Every mom has her own journey. Being a stay at home mom isn’t for everyone just like being a “working outside of the home” mom is also not for everyone. There are definitely pros and cons to both but we all choose our path based on what works for us and our families. There is no right or wrong way to become a mom.

Are you a stay at home mom and what do you love about it?

The 10 Best Benefits of Being A Stay At Home Mom.

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