The 39 Best Apps For Moms – 2019 Guide

The 39 Best Apps For Moms

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Nowadays, you can find apps for everything. Being a mom of today, you’ll find that you would need to multitask and there are a lot of apps out there to help with this and make life a little bit easier. What’s great is that all these apps are free as well. Here are some of the best apps for moms:   

Best Apps For work, planning, and organization

These apps are for busy moms that need to keep organized and get things done. Stay at home mom apps are also helpful for those mothers that work from home and need some assistance/tools to help them achieve their goals.

Picniic (iOS, Android, desktop, tablet)

This app is great for helping families plan and organize different activities for different family members. You can easily store and keep information about events and activities. You can even do some meal planning and family photo storage.  

TaskRabbit (iOS, Android)

If there are any common chores or tasks you want done, this app can help you find helpers that can assist you and be of help. These tasks can be anything from moving in/out, assembling furniture, handyman tasks, any many more.

Cozi Family Organizer (iOS, Android)

This calendar app is useful for moms to get organized and coordinate activities and to-do lists. You can also store shopping lists and groceries. Anyone can have access to the features.

Chorma (iOS)

Chorma is an app that makes doing chores more fun. It allows the members of the family to earn points when they do their chores and getting some fun rewards. The app will sync with each member’s devices so that everyone will know each of their responsibilities. This motivates everyone especially the kids to do their duties and accomplish tasks.

Out of Milk (iOS, Android)

This app is like a grocery list that also allows you to save recipes, keep a pantry inventory, and also get alerts for deals on items. It will even notify you if you are running low on stocks.  

CareZone (iOS, Android)

With this app, you can easily keep track of and manage medicines, prescriptions, dosage instructions, and other matters related to your family’s medical health. This is also helpful if you are monitoring your child’s reactions to certain medicines.

Best Finance Apps

Budgeting finances are an important part of being a mom. With these apps, you can take care of your family and fulfill their needs, monitor your expenses, get great deals, and keep close to your budget.

Dosh (iOS, Android)

This app gives you cash back when you eat at restaurants, travel, or shop. Once you connect your credit card to the app, it will then automatically credit back the money if you shop at establishments approved by Dosh.

Ebates (iOS, Android)

This app can give you up to 40% cash back. There are also a lot of stores that Ebates apply to so you can get a lot of savings.

Mint (iOS, Android)

This app helps you manage your money, pay bills, create budgets, and track your spending. It makes managing your finances a little bit easier and also helps you stay on top of your money management plan.

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Best Fitness Apps

These apps are great especially for moms that don’t have time to go to the gym but still want to stay on top of their fitness. With the help of these apps, you can do some exercises and quick workouts whenever and wherever you want. Here are some of the best free apps for moms:

Sworkit (iOS, Android)

This app contains video workouts that will guide you with different exercises and training sessions to help you reach your fitness goals.

FitMama (iOS, Android)

An app that’s great for postpartum weight loss. It contains short workouts around 5 to 10 minutes long that can help you with losing the baby weight and getting back to your old self.

Super Mom Workout (iOS)

Has instructional workout videos that moms can do at home or anywhere they want.

Fitbit (iOS, Android)

This app tracks your steps, calories you’re taking in, food intake, workouts, and anything else related to your fitness. You can also stay connected with other fitbit users and friends.

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Best Pregnancy Apps

A lot of things are happening during pregnancy and especially for new moms, it can be a bit overwhelming. Pregnancy apps for moms can help in monitoring your pregnancy, give you lots of information as well as keep you excited for your baby’s arrival.

CineMama (Android)

This is a cool app to use to document your growing belly and turn it into a time-lapse video. It is a fun thing to look back on and see how your pregnancy went.  

Sprout Pregnancy (iOS, Android)

This pregnancy app can track your pregnancy and your baby’s development. It also includes a pregnancy journal and things like a contraction timer.

Pregnancy Exercise Weekly (iOS)

This app gives you weekly workouts to match what stage you are in your pregnancy. It will also allow you to log in your workouts and take notes. This is great for moms who are into working out or if you just want to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy.

Kegel Trainer (iOS, Android)

This app contains exercises that help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This is vital especially to prepare yourself for labor and even after your pregnancy.

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The Best Shopping Apps For Moms

There are a lot of things that moms shop for; food, children’s things, mom things, family needs – basically everything! This is why shopping apps can be really useful for moms out there, for whatever needs you may have.

Boxed (iOS, Android)

With this app, you can shop and get items in bulk while also getting them delivered to your home for free. You can shop for anything from groceries, baby supplies, pet supplies, bath items, and many more.

InstaCart (iOS, Android)

You can place your order online and have it delivered to your house in one hour.

Amazon (iOS, Android)

Amazon has anything and everything and for most moms, it is a quick way of getting everything you need for your family delivered right at your doorstep.

Groupon (iOS, Android)

This app helps you discover family friendly/oriented activities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can check out local bargains, discounts, and others.

ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner (iOS, Android)

You can scan barcodes and QR codes to compare prices of different items from different stores to get you the best deals and to help you make the best choices when purchasing items.

Best Entertainment Apps

Sometimes, you would need to have apps to provide entertainment for you or your family. Here are some cool apps for moms (and kids) to have fun with.  

Pandora (iOS, Android)

This app lets you create your own personalized playlist/ radio stations. You can also have radio stations for kids.

YouTube (iOS, Android)

This popular app is a go-to among moms since you can watch all sorts of videos for both moms and kids. There are cartoons, educational videos, DIY, tutorials, and a lot more.

Breathe, Think, Do (iOS, Android)

This app is great for kids to show them breathing techniques as well as how to solve problems and doing it in a fun and playful way.

The Best Kids Apps For Moms

These kinds of apps will help you track your kids’ events, sports teams, or anything relating to your children’s extracurricular activities. You can even use these apps to find a babysitter near your area:

Signup Genius (iOS, Android)

For a busy mom with a lot of activities, fundraisers, and events to organize, this app can be your best friend. This planner app can help you create signup forms, manage schedules, collect payments, invite groups, and many other things you need in order to make any event successful.  

Bambino (iOS)

This app helps you look for credible and recommended babysitters around your area. You can be assured that you’ll find babysitters that are trustworthy and also advocated by fellow parents. It even also has options for you to see rates and also offer payment methods to make things more convenient.

Keepy (iOS, Android)

Keepy can help you keep a digital record of your child’s artwork, schoolwork, awards, photos, etc. You can also share them with friends and family.

TeamSnap (iOS, Android, iPad)

If you have kids on sports teams, this app is great for keeping track of their practices and games. You can also communicate with other parents and share photos. You can even make payments within the app.

GoKid (iOS)

This is a carpool app for parents that allow you to set up carpools with other parents/kids who are doing the same things as your kid. It also allows you to have more free time and accomplish other obligations.

Kids Eat Free (iOS, Android)

You can use this cool app to look for restaurants around you that will offer free meals for kids.

SitOrSquat (iOS, Android)

This app finds the nearest bathroom if anyone in the family needs to go. It allows you to quickly locate one. This is also useful if your child is in the potty training stage.

Best Social Life Apps

Motherhood can be lonely and you might want to meet other moms either to set up play dates, share information, or simply to just talk or bond with. Here are some apps for moms to help you do just that: 

Nextdoor (iOS, Android)

This free social media app connects you to other moms in your neighborhood and allows you to set up play dates, ask for some advice, share tips, or plan some parties. This app is great since it focuses on the area around where you live and helps you stay in touch with your community.  

Playground Buddy (iOS, Android)

If you are around an area that is new to you, this app can help you locate local playgrounds that also includes their features.

Trekaroo (iOS)

Unlike the app above, instead of looking for playgrounds, you can use this app to look for kid-friendly activities and events around your area. You will also be able to check out reviews and ratings.  

Peanut (iOS, Android)

This app is for moms who want to connect with other moms near them. It’s the ultimate social networking tool if you want to find moms that you can bond with.

VarageSale (iOS, Android)

This app can help you put up a list of things that you want to sell to your local community. It’s mom-friendly and convenient.

Technology is a great advantage moms have currently and there are a lot of apps out there that can help in the day-to-day. Try any of these out and let it help you manage things and make life as a mom a little bit easier.

What do you think are the best apps for moms?

The 39 Best Apps For Moms - Learn how to use these awesome smartphone apps for both iPhone and android to improve your life, have more fun, track milestones, store memories with your kids and more! #parenting #parentingtips #momlife     The 39 Best Apps For Moms - Learn how to use these awesome smartphone apps for both iPhone and android to improve your life, have more fun, track milestones, store memories with your kids and more! #parenting #parentingtips #momlife

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