The Best Play Doh Sets For Busy Toddlers In 2020

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Did you have Play Doh sets for kids when you were little?

For many of us, it’s one of the most memorable things of our childhood.

What’s great about these Play Doh sets is that they’re fun learning tools, which are perfect for children of all ages. No wonder they are a staple toy at playrooms and daycare centers around the world.

Over the years, Play Doh sets for kids have evolved. While the soft dough remains my all-time favorite, the company has come up with a wide selection of new play sets.

You’ll find a new collection of Play Doh sets for boys and girls. From the detailed dentist-themed tools to the sizzling kitchen set.

Whatever your children are interested in, there’s bound to be something that’s for them.

Wondering what Play Doh sets to get for your kids?

In this post, I’ve created a list of the best Play Doh sets for girls and boys. This selection is perfect for your children’s development.

1. Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table, Arts & Crafts, Activity Table, Ages 3 and up (Amazon Exclusive)

Play-Doh Play 'n Store Table, Arts & Crafts, Activity Table, Ages 3 and up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • FUN TO PLAY, EASY TO STORE – This activity table is full of Play-Doh fun for kids ages 3 and up! Have a blast getting creative, then easily store all the pieces when the fun is done for the day
  • LOTS OF COOL TOOLS TO SHARE – With more than 25 Play-Doh tools, kids can create basic shapes, fun animals, Play-Doh ice cream, or almost anything else they can imagine
  • THEIR VERY OWN PLAY TABLE – Keep the Play-Doh fun off your tabletop as kids sit on the floor to explore and play. The 2 compartments on each side of the table hold all of the tools to keep everything in one place
  • INCLUDES 8 PLAY-DOH COLORS – With 2 ounces of non-toxic Play-Doh compound in each of the 8 cans, there's plenty of color to cut, mold, shape, and squish
  • CREATIVE FUN FOR ANY OCCASION - Birthdays, holidays, rainy days, and play dates just got better! This complete set is a great gift for kids who love arts and crafts like modeling clay


  • Fun to play
  • Easy to store
  • Features a play table and over 25 tools
  • Includes eight canisters of nontoxic compound
  • Perfect gift for kids who love arts and crafts.

Wondering what to expect with this Amazon-exclusive play set?

The Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table set is fun to play and easy to store. It’s an arts and crafts set that’s perfect for kids aged three and up. It’s one of the best Play Doh sets for toddlers.

This big Play Doh set consists of lots of cool stuff. There are over 25 tools that your kids can use to make fun animal forms, basic shapes, and even Play Doh ice cream.

And check out its very own play table. It keeps all the Play Doh fun off your dining table and countertop as your kids will do their business on the floor instead. This table has two compartments that hold the toy tools in place.

The Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table set includes two ounces of Play Doh compound in each of eight canisters; also, each canister features a different color.

And did you know you can only get this on Amazon and no where else?

Your kids will have a blast with this creative, Amazon-exclusive play set. And when all the fun is done for their day, you can easily store away its pieces.

The Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table set is the perfect gift for children who love doing arts and crafts.

2. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven
  • See Play Doh foods "bake" in the electronic Magical Oven
  • Load pretend food and Play Doh compound, then press the lever
  • White light changes to red and oven makes Ding! sound when done "baking"
  • Make pretend foods like make believe muffins, play pizzas, and crazy cakes. Compound not intended to be eaten
  • Includes oven, 5 pretend food attachments, 3 cutters, roller, knife, fork, spoon, plate, 6 cans of Play Doh Brand Modeling Compound (12 ounces total), instructions, and 1 creation card


  • Lets kids bake pretend food in a magical oven
  • Make play pizzas, cakes, and muffins
  • Magical oven has lights and sound

Do your kids love to pretend like they’re bakers?

Then this Play Doh kitchen play set is a wonderful gift to give to them.

It lets them load pretend food into the oven then press the lever to get it started. And when it’s “cooked,” the white light changes to red, indicating the baking process is done. The oven will also make a “ding” sound.

Check out the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven.

Wondering what to expect in this Play Doh baking set?

The Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven includes a baking oven and six canisters of Play Doh modeling clay. Each canister contains two ounces of the nontoxic compound and features a different color.

This cool set also consists of five pretend food attachments and three cutters. You also get a knife, spoon and fork, plate, and roller.

Feed your kids’ imagination with the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven. It lets them feel what bakers do in the kitchen. This is one of the best Play Doh sets that let them experience the fun of baking without the heat and mess.

3. Mold, Make, And Serve Up A Fun Play-Doh Breakfast! – Play-Doh Breakfast Time Set by Buengna

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  • Get ready to roll, mold, squish and squeeze pretend breakfast delicacies with this set of fun tools and accessories. Mold pretend waffles, bread, eggs and bacon - then create colorful toppings and serve up your creations. With loads of accessories and lots of bright Play-Doh, making a special "breakfast" has never been more fun!


  • Make pretend breakfast creations with colorful toppings
  • Includes molds to create waffles, eggs, and more

Looking for another wonderful Play Doh kitchen playset?

Check out this wonderful Play Doh breakfast set. It contains all the fun tools and accessories so your kids can roll, squish, mold, and squeeze pretend breakfast food.

Play-Doh Breakfast Time Set is a great collection of molds and fixtures that lets them create these colorful creations.

4. Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set

Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Set,Multicolor,1 Pack
  • Play dentist with the classic Play Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill set
  • Keep the fun buzzing and fight cavities with the electric drill
  • Create silly Play Doh teeth with the tooth mold
  • Roll braces with the stamping roller
  • Squeeze silly toothpaste through the toothbrush


  • Complete dental set for your budding dentists
  • Contains fun tools and cavity-fighting drill
  • Includes a tooth mold and silly toothpaste

Do you kids hope to become dentists someday?

Here’s a great toy that will feed their passion and interest in dental health.

Check out the Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set.

With this big Play Doh set, they will be shaping teeth and making braces. And because it comes with a pretend electric drill, they will also be buzzing the dental cavities away.

The Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set contains all the kit that a budding dentist needs. It features an electric drill that your kids can use to fix cavities.

They can also create Play Doh teeth using the tooth mold accessory. This set also includes a pretend toothpaste along with a toothbrush.

Let your children explore the dental possibilities with the Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set.

5. Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus

Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus
  • Grow giggly, wiggly Play-Doh legs for Cranky the Octopus
  • Treasure chest and clamshell reveal molds for treasures inside
  • Fun lobster scissors and dolphin rolling cutter to customize creations
  • Shape a goldfish with the book-mold and more sea shapes with the half-molds
  • Textured roller imprints coral reef textures into Play-Doh compound


  • Enjoy a silly good time with Cranky the Octopus
  • Includes Cranky’s undersea animal friends for a seafaring fun
  • There are fun adventures to explore and treasures to discover

Do your kids want to get into an unforgettable imaginary sea quest?

Have them enjoy a giggly and wiggly ocean adventure with Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus.

Wondering what to expect from this underwater fun set?

Meet Cranky the Octopus. He is a friendly sea creature who needs to grow legs. But he can’t do it by himself.

Can your kids help?

Help Cranky the Octopus grow his legs by taking him off his base and put some Play Doh compound. See him develop his new legs—all wiggly, squiggly, and colorful.

Cranky the Octopus also brought his undersea friends to help in the ocean treasure quest. It’s going to be a fun and exciting aquatic adventure.

The Play-Doh Cranky the Octopus set is sure to make huge waves in your children’s creativity and imagination.

6. Play-Doh Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Set

Play-Doh Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Set
  • Now kids can let their imaginations go to infinity and beyond with their own Buzz Lightyear toy
  • Squeeze silly Play-Doh laser beams and open his communicator to shape Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Create Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and the squeeze toy aliens with the stamps and molds
  • Rex has been reimagined as a silly pair of plastic scissors to cut Play-Doh compound
  • Includes 5 Play-Doh colors: 1 standard-sized two-ounce can and 4 small one-ounce cans


  • Includes a Buzz Lightyear toy
  • Lets you create other characters like Woody and Mr. Potato Head
  • Comes with five cans of Play Doh compound of different colors

To infinity and beyond! Your kids will love this Toy Story adventure.

Check out the Play-Doh Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Set. It will let your kids experience the magic and excitement that Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang brought to us over the years.

Wondering what to expect in this awesome play set?

The Play-Doh Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Set includes its very own Buzz Lightyear action figure. The toy has its own laser, which fires wiggly beams.

This play set also includes molds and stamps to create the likeness of Woody, Mr. Potato Head, and those cute, green toy aliens.

Remember Rex the clumsy dinosaur? He’s also in this set, reimagined as plastic scissors, which can be used to cut the Play Doh compound. There’s also a Mr. Potato Head knife that your kids can use to cut the clay.

The Play-Doh Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Set includes Play Doh compounds in five different colors. They are in four one-ounce canisters and a two-ounce can.

7. Play-Doh Marvel Hero Tools

Play-Doh Marvel Hero Tools
  • Save the day with Play-Doh creativity and some favorite Marvel Super-Heroes
  • Spider-Man and Iron Man book-molds shape 3D versions of those characters
  • The Hulk features stampers on his fists and feet for crime-smashing fun
  • Fill in Captain America shield with color and slice through Play-Doh compound
  • Includes Iron Man book-mold, Captain America cutter, Spider-Man book-mold, Hulk hammer, and 3 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound (net weight 6 ounces/168 grams)


  • Your favorite Avengers are in this cool set
  • Includes Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, and The Hulk
  • Create 3D figures of your Marvel heroes

Are you big fans of the Avengers?

Relive the moment when Earth’s mightiest heroes saved the day. Get on an evil-squishing good time with the Play-Doh Marvel Hero Tools set.

What can you expect from one of the best Marvel-themed Play Doh sets?

The Play-Doh Marvel Hero Tools set lets your kids create your favorite Marvel heroes.

This play set includes book-molds of Iron Man and Spiderman, so your kids can create 3D shaped versions of these Marvel super-heroes.

For Hulk-smashing fun, The Hulk has stampers for fists. Let him do his cool crime-squishing moves on the Play Doh compound.

As for the Capt., he has a clay cutter for this shield.

The Play-Doh Marvel Hero Tools set also comes with three cans of modeling clay.

Reimagine these mighty heroes as they set out to assemble against those who seek to invade Earth.

8. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Burger Barbecue

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Burger Barbecue
  • Creative cooks can grill up the fun at their own Play-Doh barbecue
  • Open the grill to make pretend burgers, make-believe hot dogs, and more
  • Squeeze funny fries and crazy condiments with the decorator tool
  • Grill top has molds for outrageous onion rings and other pretend toppings
  • Includes 5 Play-Doh colors


  • Make pretend burgers and hot dogs with this barbecue grill set
  • Includes appetizing fries and colorful condiments
  • Cook up an appetite with this kitchen creation set

Are you in the mood for grilled burgers and hot dogs?

Check out the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Burger Barbecue set. This is one of those Play Doh sets that will have you craving for food.

Here’s what you can expect from this cool play set.

The Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Burger Barbecue set will have your mouth water. While you may be only grilling pretend burger patties and hot dogs, it can really have your imagination working.

You’ll wish you have the real thing up on those cookers.

Fire up the pretend grill and have your burgers and hot dogs on. This cool barbecue set includes all the tools you need to cook up tasty lunchtime creations.

Have your budding chef create make-believe hamburgers, buns, and toppings using Play Doh clay. Don’t forget the onion rings and fantasy fries (they’re my favorites; well, the real thing, that is).

This mouth-watering play set also includes pretend condiments, plastic knife, spatula, roller, plates, and book-mold. You’ll also get five cans of the modeling compound.

9. Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘n Style Ponies

Play-Doh My Little Pony Make 'N Style Ponies Playset
  • Play-Doh play lets kids take the lid off their imaginations and explore their creativity Can packs and basic tool sets offer all kinds of open-ended play. Playsets come in many different themes and offer lots of creative role play
  • Make the cast from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series or customize your own
  • 4 molds to create each type of pony: Earth, Pegasus, Unicorns and Princesses
  • A rainbow of 9 colors lets you get creative with your favorite ponies
  • Make cutie marks, rainbow manes and tails and more with the half-mold palette


  • Lets you recreate the cast of My Little Pony
  • Contains four molds to create different types of ponies
  • Includes nine cans of modeling clay of nine different colors
  • Comes with pony bases, book-mold, extruder, and palette
  • One of the best Play Doh sets for girls

Do your kids love My Little Pony?

Then they will enjoy this cool play set’s theme.

Introducing Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘n Style Ponies. Let your kids’ imagination and creativity soar with this one.

Check out what’s in store for you in this themed set.

With the Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘n Style Ponies set, your kids can build their own Ponyville world. This play set includes four molds that let them create each type of pony: Princesses, Unicorns, Pegasus, and Earth.

This set also includes a rainbow of colors. You get nine cans of modeling clay; each one corresponds to a different color. It also comes with four pony bases, two-piece extruder, and a half-mold palette.

Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘n Style Ponies is one of the best Play Doh sets for girls.

10. Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy with Non-Toxic Pavement Buildin’ Compound Plus 3 Additional Colors

Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy with Non-Toxic Pavement Buildin' Compound Plus 3 Additional Colors
  • GRAVEL GRINDER WITH 2 TOY TRUCKS FOR CONSTRUCTION FUN - The gravel grinder, dump truck, and steamroller construction vehicles include lots of fun ways to get creative with non-toxic Play-Doh compound. Boys and girls ages 3 and up will really dig these rigs
  • FEATURING PLAY-DOH PAVEMENT BUILDIN' COMPOUND PLUS 3 COLORS –This construction set comes with 2 ounces of Play-Doh Pavement Buildin Compound – it's just like the quality Play-Doh compound we all know and love with the color and shimmer of fresh pavement. There's also brown, beige, and orange in 2-ounce cans so kids can make their own construction zone with signs and other building creations.
  • ROCK TUMBLIN GRAVEL GRINDER – Load some fresh Play-Doh compound into the gravel grinder and crank the handle to crush it into rocks Kids will love watching the rocks fall into the bed of the dump truck.
  • HAUL IT ALL WITH THE DUMP TRUCK – Squeeze wiggly, giggly Play-Doh rubble from the bed of the dump truck, then roll the truck along Play-Doh compound to imprint tire tracks.
  • SQUISHY STEAMROLLER FUN – Pave the way for fun with the toy steamroller! Roll the steamroller along some of the pavement compound to build smooth roads. Truck-loving little ones who enjoy arts and crafts activities with modeling clay will be revved-up and ready to roll with two of their favorite ways to play in one


  • Includes toy construction trucks and pavement-building clay
  • Load up the gravel on the grinder and crank it up
  • Haul the debris on the dump truck
  • Enjoy the squishy fun on the steamroller
  • One of the best Play Doh sets for boys

Big construction works require big construction equipment. Time to take the heavy-duty stuff into these heavy-duty jobs.

Check out the Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy with Non-Toxic Pavement Buildin’ Compound set.

Wondering what to expect in this kids play doh set?

Get set for a steam-rolling, debris-hauling fun. This awesome set includes three construction vehicles; the kind of trucks you use for building structures and roads.

Load up Play Doh compound into the gravel grinder. When you crank the handle, it simulates the rock-crushing process. Your kids will love watching the rumbling and tumbling of the make-believe rocks.

Got debris that needs to be hauled off?

Transport the discarded material on the back of the dump truck.

And when it’s time to build new roads, pave it with the toy steamroller. Rev it up for some squishy good time.

Your truck-loving little tots will love this wonderful play set.

11. Play-Doh Modeling Compound 36-Pack Case of Colors, Non-Toxic, Assorted Colors, 3-Ounce Cans (Amazon Exclusive)

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 36-Pack Case of Colors, Non-Toxic, Assorted Colors, 3-Ounce Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Frustration free: Ships in easy to open, recyclable Frustration Free packaging
  • Over 6 pounds of Play Doh compound this Play Doh modeling compound 36 pack has 36 assorted colors in 3 Ounce cans for all your colorful creative needs, and there's plenty for kids to share
  • Mega pack of Mega Play Doh fun shape, squish, mix, and make it all. Great for lots of uses like classrooms, play dates, arts and crafts, party favors for kids, birthday gifts, or a Play Doh refill
  • Shape your imagination squishy, bright, non toxic Play Doh compound sparks imaginations For kids 2 and up who love arts and crafts like Modeling clay
  • Easy open, recyclable package SHIPS in simple recyclable packaging that's easy to open and frustration free, and the Play Doh cans and lids are also recyclable to help build a more sustainable world


  • Contains more than six pounds of Play Doh modeling compound
  • Comes in 36 assorted colors in three-ounce cans
  • Exclusive only in Amazon

Need more Play Doh clay?

With the Play-Doh Modeling Compound 36-Pack Case of Colors set, you get over six pounds of modeling clay in 36 assorted colors. Each color is contained three-ounce cans.

This Amazon-exclusive set comes in easy-to-open, recyclable packages.

When your kids run out of clay, this play set offers all that they want. Shape, squish, and mix; there’s plenty of Play Doh compound for every one.

Play Doh sets for your kids’ different interests and activities.

Play Doh is just one of those memorable play sets I had growing up. It’s fun to play and a great learning tool for developing kids. Which is why I want them for my kids too.

Did you have Play Doh sets when you were little?

What is your child’s favorite play doh set?

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