The 8 Best Pregnancy Apps For Parents

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The Best Pregnancy Apps

There’s a lot going on during pregnancy and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and stressful especially for first-time moms. Luckily nowadays, technology can be very useful in helping moms out and giving them an extra hand.

You can use pregnancy apps to keep tabs on your health as well as learn more about your baby’s health and progress.

Here are the best pregnancy apps you can check out:

1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

This free pregnancy app focuses on taking care of mom. You will be able to set up reminders to take vitamins, medicines, as well as monitor your food intake and overall nutrition.

There are healthy eating tips, recommendations and also a sleep monitoring feature. You will also be able to get information on whether a specific food or medicine is safe to take. You can track your symptoms and also check if they are normal.

2. What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Derived from the famous book, What To Expect When You Are Expecting, this app will give you an abundance of knowledge and pregnancy tips.

Each week of pregnancy, you will be able to have an idea on what’s going on with you and your baby as well as get a countdown to your due date. Using fruits as visual benchmarks, you will be able to see the growth of your child.

You will also be able to get information about your baby even after they are born. There is also a feature where you can share with other moms your photos, advice, experiences, and other information. 

This is one of the most in-depth apps and it has my vote as #1 on this list of best pregnancy apps.

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3. Glow Nurture

This is another free pregnancy app that allows you to connect with other moms and talk about symptoms, experiences, and due dates. You will also be able to keep track of your appointments and other health reminders.

There is also a baby-kick counter feature you can use to keep track of your baby’s kicks. There are also daily articles that will be applicable to you and your baby at the certain point in time.  

4. The Bump

This app can definitely catch your attention with its bright colors, aside from giving you informative resources and articles you can use to track your pregnancy and your baby’s progress.

You can also ask medical experts your pressing pregnancy questions whether they are major or minor. You can also get a 3D example every week of what your baby might look like.

5. Who’s Your Daddy?

This is one of the best pregnancy apps for dads. He can create a checklist for a hospital bag, tracking tools, and updates on mom so that he will have an idea of where you are in your pregnancy.

You also can get daily and weekly tips. What’s great about this app is that you don’t need to know any medical terms to be able to understand it.

It uses humor, which is a fun way for dad to get more information on an otherwise intimidating subject. For first time dads, every little bit of knowledge helps so this app will definitely be useful.

6. Pregnancy +

This app shows you clear and realistic images of what your baby looks like in your womb. It’s very comprehensive since it shows different angles and gives you specific sizes. You will also be able to see this progress weekly.

You can also track weight gain, baby’s kicks, and other aspects of your health. You can also keep up to date by editing or adding some details if it applies to you.

7. Hello Belly

If you want something that is just fun, cute, and informative at the same time, this pregnancy app is for you. Compared to serious medical advice, this app provides more helpful lifestyle tips like how to do yoga and what kind of fruits you need to eat to promote a healthy pregnancy.

The awesome illustrations will also put a smile on your face.

8. Contraction Timer

This app focuses on your contractions and notes down the intervals or time cycles. It would track how long your contraction is and the intervals as well.

It has an easy interface wherein all you need to do is click on start and stop and you can get the information. It is quite a simple app but useful especially when you get caught up in the contractions and can’t write anything down.   

While you won’t use this the majority of your pregnancy this is one of the best pregnancy apps when you are ready to head to labor & delivery!

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Pregnancy apps can help make pregnancy a little bit easier and get mom more organized. You can track your own health, your baby’s growth and even connect with other moms out there.

Even dads can use a pregnancy app to help him understand more what you are going through and be more supportive. Whatever your needs might be, you can find the suitable pregnancy app for you.

Which do you think is the best pregnancy app?

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  1. I used The Bump App and I enjoyed EVERY second of it. This app helped me keep track of where I was during my pregnancy. (Pregnancy Brain….is something serious, LOL)! The feature that I most enjoyed was the notification feature. As my weeks turned over, I’d receive a notification on my phone regarding the new week and what new developments I could expect from the baby! I highly recommend this app.

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