14 Things To Do Before You Have Your Second Baby

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Having one baby is one thing but expecting your second child is a whole different ballgame. There will always be things you would need to do for your second baby that you didn’t do for your first. It is also essential that you take the necessary steps to get things the most organized and less hectic as you can.

Here are some things to do to get you prepared for baby #2:

Babysitting for your older child

This has to be arranged ahead of time since you will need to leave your older child with people you can trust like grandparents, relatives, friends or neighbors. I like to have a primary person that I have planned but also a couple of backups in case something goes wrong, I can’t get a hold of the original babysitter, etc. 

You may go to the hospital (in labor) during the day or night so they have to be willing and prepared to babysit your child at any moment’s notice.

Don’t forget to also write down instructions for what your child might need, their daily schedules, and allergies so that things will go smoothly for everyone.

Packing a bag for your older child

Just like how you and your husband will have your bags packed for the hospital, you also need to get a bag ready for your older child with all the essentials he/she might need while you are away giving birth.

Packing ahead will ensure that your child will have everything they need and the babysitter won’t need to worry about anything and it will be as positive of an experience for your child as possible.

Cleaning stored items

You might have stored previous items used by your first baby like jumpers, old clothes, bottles, breast pumps, sheets, car seats, bassinets, etc., that you need to get it out of storage.

If you can reuse them for your second baby then you will need to clean them properly ahead of time. This includes washing them thoroughly, getting rid of stains, etc.

Don’t forget to sterilize your pacifiers and bottles too.

Stock up on the essentials

Not including perishable goods, you can make things a lot easier for yourself if you stock ahead of time toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, soaps and other household items as well.

This will make grocery trips quicker especially during this hectic time of welcoming a new baby into the family. No one wants to run out of toilet paper one week postpartum…

Make Freezer meals

This can be a lifesaver especially during the first few weeks postpartum when cooking meals can be difficult and you feel like a walking mombie.

Having a meal all set and ready to go can mean more time for you to focus on other things during the transition from one child to two.

Check car seat expiration

If you are planning to use your older child’s car seat, check the expiration date usually found at the back or sides to make sure your child will always be safe.

If it is expired, you would need to buy a new one so its best to do this ahead of time so you can save up for one and make sure that it is delivered in time.

You may want to check other equipment as well as your stroller. Check for loose wheels, cracked edges, and other potential issues that could be dangerous for your baby.

Check electronics and batteries

Nowadays, electronics like baby monitors, baby swings, noise machines and others are essential. If you had these from your previous child and are planning to use them, you’ll need to check if the batteries are working or if they need to be replaced.

Register for things you need

There are some things that you might really need that you didn’t have previously. It’s better to have a registry for those things so that people can get you what you need rather than receiving gifts and items that you don’t need or already have.

Plus, there can be bonuses for creating a baby registry. Like with the Amazon Baby Registry you get a completion discount on anything on your registry. With diapers, wipes, car seats, etc. that can add up quick!

Get the diaper bag ready

You need to get this out and stocked and ready for the newborn baby.  Make sure you have cleaned it and taken out any garbage or things from your previous baby and put in brand new essentials like diapers, wipes, pacifiers, swaddle blankets, etc.

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Family Fun

This will be the last time you can do an activity with just your first child before the new baby comes. Take this opportunity as a great bonding moment to cherish and also talk to your first child about becoming a big brother/sister and at the same time have fun.

You can go to the park, the zoo, a picnic, the beach, or just spend some good quality family time together.

Preparing your toddler for the baby

You can try to encourage your older child to be more independent like getting dressed by themselves, feeding themselves, playing by themselves and if you haven’t yet help them transition from the crib to a toddler bed.  

This will make it easier for them later on when your attention will be split. It is important to also talk to your toddler about the baby that will soon be part of the family, although they may not understand it at first, the more you are open with them, the smoother the transition will be.

Get a gift for your older child from the new baby

This will make your older child like their new sibling more especially if they are hesitant about a new baby joining the family.

A little something special from the baby to your other child will make them feel important, loved, and make the situation more pleasant.

Clean your house

This goes without saying that you would need to prepare a room/space for baby so it’s best to also take this opportunity to clean the house. Clean the cabinets and drawers, get rid of unnecessary items, give away things you don’t need anymore and basically make your home as clean and as ready for the new baby as possible. 

Your time, attention and energy will be split once baby #2 arrives and as hard as it feels now it is easier to get it done now.

Finish projects that are halfway done

With two kids in your life, you might not have time to finish that DIY project that you have been working on so before the other child comes, it is best to complete projects that you have been doing so that you wouldn’t need to worry about them once the baby arrives.

Expecting baby #2 is another special moment for your family and nothing will ever be the same again – but in a good way!

By being prepared and keeping these tips in mind, you can ease into a smooth transition to welcoming baby #2 into your life.  

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