The Top Morning Sickness Remedies

The Top Morning Sickness Remedies

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Oh morning sickness, how I loathe you.

Morning sickness begins usually around 6 or 7 weeks for most women. Morning sickness varies in severity from slightly nauseous to being hospitalized because you can’t keep any food or liquids down. So understandably women everywhere are seeking out the best morning sickness remedies. 

Your doctor will most likely talk to you about your morning sickness at your first appointment (usually around 8 weeks) and make some suggestions to help you. If the conditions are severe, it is best to see your physician right away.

Before starting anything new when you are pregnant, check with your doctor first, but here are a few morning sickness remedies that have helped lots of mamas cope with their morning sickness (or in mine and many’s cases all-freaking-day-sickness).

Morning Sickness Remedies

Prenatal Vitamins

If you have horrible morning sickness, it may seem impossible to get down food in general, much less those prenatal vitamin horse pills! With my first baby, I tried with all my might to get them down and did successfully… sometimes.

However, my second pregnancy with baby girl, I quickly found out that wasn’t going to fly. Anytime I put one in my mouth I would immediately gag and have to go lay down. I began researching what I could do to help my baby still get the nutrients she needed and found out they make gummy prenatal vitamins. I had my hubby pick some up for me and it was MUCH easier.

This morning sickness remedy immediately reduced the amount of times I was getting sick at my stomach since I wasn’t trying to get down a big pill…which ultimately led to me gagging and well you know…

One thing to note with these gummy vitamins is they don’t have Iron in them – so you may need to make a plan with your doctor on how to get enough Iron in your diet. But for many women the Iron in prenatals makes them feel even sicker – so check with your doctor to see what they recommend.

Unisom & B6

This is my #1 morning sickness remedy.  If I start this as soon as I feel the nausea coming on (for me that is around 6 weeks) it helps so much!

I started with a smaller dosage – about 10 mg of Unisom and 25 mg of B6 for morning sickness. (Note: make sure to get the regular kind of Unisom – not the extra strength gel capsules it is a different kind of medicine).

That dosage ended up being not being strong enough, so after about 10 days (and after I talked to my doctor!), I bumped it up to 20 mg of Unisom (one full tablet) and 50 mg of B6 for morning sickness.

Once I upped my dosage it helped so much. I went from feeling I was going to throw up all day long and having to sip on a sprite constantly to feeling nauseous most of the day – but able to keep food down!

Your doctor may also prescribe Diclegis which has the same medicine as Unisom and B6 and is a Category A drug which means it is the safest kind for pregnancy.

Some people feel Diclegis works better for them, but for me taking the Unisom and B6 worked better – depending on your insurance Unisom and B6 will most likely also be cheaper than getting the Diclegis prescription.

Herbal and Essential Oil Morning Sickness Remedies

Ginger is a great natural remedy to combat morning sickness and can soothe abdominal pains and other digestive issues. You can make a cup of ginger tea with lemon and honey as well as drink ginger ale. Ginger candy is also another alternative you have especially when you are on the go. You can also try ginger cookies, ginger chewing gum. The list goes on!

My sense of smell also became super sensitive in the first trimester, so I would put a drop of Ginger essential oil in my hands and rub it around and then cup my hands over my nose and smell it. This was super helpful, especially when cooking dinner!

Peppermint is another soothing herb that also addresses indigestion and heartburn. Aside from drinking peppermint teas, you can also add fresh mint to your meals. You can also carry around peppermint essential oils and take a whiff whenever you feel nauseated and it can bring relief.

I kept a small bottle of peppermint oil by the side of my bed and would open the lid and take a whiff when I was feeling nauseous in the mornings and evening.

Lemon essential oil and sweet orange essential oil are great for relieving nausea. You can just put them in a diffuser, put them in your inhaler, or mix them in your bath with Epsom salt or a carrier oil. 

I personally don’t like to drink a lot of soda, so drinking sprite all day to keep my nauseousness at bay bothered me so after a while I started drinking lemon water. I bought a big bottle of lemon juice from the store and would pour a bit of the lemon juice into really cold water with a little sugar (bonus tip dilute the sugar in warm water first to help it dissolve all the way) and it helped a ton without the extra sugar and carbonation.

Essential oils can be great morning sickness remedies, but make sure you are using real essential oils and not synthetic ones. As always check with your doctor before using anything new during your pregnancy.

Eat frequently

Have nibbles or crackers on hand so you can snack on them during the day but keep the servings small. Chewing gum or hard candies can also help in relieving that nauseating feeling. I personally love sour things during my pregnancies and these sour mints have been a lifesaver!

Also, where your appetite will allow try to eat some protein. I have a really hard time eating meat during the first trimester – but I loved eating cheese, yogurt, and nuts to help balance out the carbs I was eating.


Increasing the amount of iron in your diet can help with morning sickness. You can eat food like beef, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruit. The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) has also been known to address nausea.

A snack rich in protein taken at night will keep your blood sugar up and can help prevent morning sickness the next day. Some women do get relief from nausea when drinking fresh lemons in water, some sour candy, or lozenges. If you can, avoid high fat and spicy food which can upset your stomach and cause heartburn.


Keep a box of crackers (saltines, graham crackers, goldfish, etc.) by the side of your bed for morning sickness at night. Before getting up, take a few bites and take a small drink of water. Don’t get out of bed right away, but lay there for a few minutes and let it settle.

Bonus tip: You can do this in the night when you get up to go to the bathroom to prevent your stomach from being totally empty in the morning.


For women with the most severe morning sickness, it is necessary to take a stronger morning sickness medication like prescription Zofran. When it comes to medication, most women are hesitant since it could be harmful to the baby. However, in some circumstances, the risk of taking the medication is less than excessive vomiting, weight loss, and misery.

Always consult your doctor in order to figure out the best options for you. Not all morning sickness remedies can work for everyone but you can try out some of these and see which ones suit you best.

And remember, you are a MOM! You can do this!

The Top Morning Sickness Remedies For Expecting Moms     Morning-sickness-remedies

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  1. Love your suggestion about peppermint and ginger but our Go-to is not the oils but a supplement. Stomach Soothing Complex is from a brand I have used for 37 years, through 4 pregnancies and my daughter and daughter-in-law for their 4 pregnancies. Of course countless other women has used SSC as well. It is great for any kind of nausea, including travel, something you ate, virus, flu bug, anxiety – anytime you need to soothe and calm your stomach.

    If your readers struggle with synthetic prenatals or other supplements, there really is a difference with whole food (natural) supplements. Really like your helpful articles 🙂

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