Foods That Increase Fertility For Quicker Conception

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If you are trying to get pregnant, it is important to eat healthy foods that increase fertility. Avoiding unhealthy foods like highly processed food, artificial sweeteners, and sugar, and chemical additives are helpful too.

There are specific foods that you can eat in order to prepare your body to be at its optimum for pregnancy.

Here are the top foods that increase fertility:

Greek yogurt  

It is important to consume full-fat dairy in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Studies have shown suggested that high-fat dairy foods can increase your fertility while low-fat dairy can actually increase certain types of infertility.

Try having one serving of yogurt a day to help your chances of getting pregnant. Yogurt can also be a great snack or breakfast. Greek yogurt is a better option than regular yogurt since it has more protein and calcium. It also contains vitamin D, which can help with your immunity and strengthen bones.

Lean proteins/meat 

The iron in meats like lean turkey, chicken or beef can help with fertility but don’t go beyond three servings a day. You can substitute these meats for plant proteins like beans and tofu.  


These promote regular ovulation and can help lessen your insulin levels in order to have a healthy reproductive system. Lentils are another option you can try. They have high folate, iron, fiber, and B vitamin.  


This fish has omega-3 fatty acids that can help with hormone regulation as well as increase blood flow to reproductive organs. It is also important for fetal eye and brain development. Other foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids include almond, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds.

Salmon also has selenium, which can help prevent miscarriages. Due to mercury, try to limit your fish intake to 12 ounces per week just to be on the safe side.


Oysters are rich in zinc and can help increase production of good eggs as well as promote a regular menstrual cycle.  

Citrus fruits 

The folic acid found in lemons, oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits and all other citrus fruits is essential for a healthy pregnancy and can help prevent birth defects. Go for at least one serving of a citrus fruit per day since they are also composed of potassium and calcium. They also can help with iron absorption.

Folic Acid is one of the most important nutrients once you conceive so incorporating this fertility boosting food is great for you now and for when your little one starts growing!

Leafy greens 

Veggies like spinach, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, and other dark greens have a lot of calcium, iron, and folate- which is something that is very important to have when you are trying to conceive. In order to absorb the maximum nutrients from these veggies, eat them cooked.


The natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties found in berries make these an essential food for boosting fertility. They also contain fiber and can help with weight loss.

Bonus tip: Try mixing berries, a banana, and some leafy greens like spinach or kale for a fertility boosting green smoothie! This is an easy way to combine multiple foods that increase fertility.


They contain vitamin K, which can help with balancing your hormones.  They have a lot of the good kind of fats (monounsaturated) as well as potassium to help lower blood pressure. They also have vitamin E, which is beneficial for your uterine lining.


This whole grain is also gluten-free, which can help with regulating your cycle and also keep your blood sugar levels stable. This plant-based protein is also a great alternative to meat-based proteins. The fiber in quinoa is also good for your digestion and preventing constipation.


Particularly the yolk, contain choline, which is an amino acid that helps improve the quality of your follicles. It can also help prevent neural birth defects and help with the development of the brain.


Most nuts are good for you but walnuts, in particular, have a lot of fiber as well as omega-3. They also contain magnesium that helps with the blood supply to the uterus and the production of progesterone. Magnesium is also great for relieving morning sickness.

Coconut oil 

Instead of using vegetable or canola oil for cooking, try using coconut or olive oil (which have healthy fats) in order to promote cell growth.


It’s anti-inflammatory, contains selenium, and is also rich in antioxidants that can help increase your fertility.

And be sure you are taking prenatal vitamins when you are trying to conceive. This helps you build up the essential nutrients your baby will need once you are pregnant. I personally love these because they have DHA which helps promote brain growth.

When aiming to get pregnant, the goal is to incorporate the best foods that increase fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Watching what you eat can make a big impact on the health of your little one and your fertility.

Have you tried anything that helped you conceive? Share with us in the comments below!

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