How To Make A Healing Breast Milk Bath For Your Baby

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If you have an oversupply or if you were building up a freezer stash you may end up having extra breastmilk to use up.

As a pumping mama, you know that breast milk is liquid gold and you don’t want to just dump it! One way to use your extra breast milk is in a breast milk bath for your baby.

Aside from being nutritious and good for baby when taken in, it also has its own benefits when used externally for the skin.  

Milk baths have been around for centuries and have been used to moisturize and treat skin. Recently, it has made a comeback due to its amazing benefits.

What is a breast milk bath?

This is a bath that you make for your baby made of watered down breast milk. Not only is breast milk incredibly nourishing when consumed by your baby but also wonderful for treating various skin concerns.

Both you and your baby can both benefit from a breast milk bath!

Benefits of a breast milk bath

Moisturizes Dry Skin

Because of its 4.5% fat content, breast milk can effectively moisturize dry skin. Breast milk contains the following fatty acids:

  • Palmitic acid – you can find a lot of this fatty acid in the human body and it also provides a lot of moisture and locks it into the skin.
  • Oleic acid – aside from being moisturizing and great for dry skin, this monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid also has anti-aging properties and greatly improves the skin’s appearance.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid – it can reduce inflammation, lighten skin tone and keep skin moisturized. This is also used in a lot of skin care products.
  • Vaccenic acid – similar to sea buckthorn oil, it nourishes and protects the skin at the same time.
  • Lauric acid – this is also found in coconut oil and contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

To Heal Skin Irritations

Because breast milk is naturally antiseptic, it can speed up the healing process if baby has any irritations. It can also help to stop rashes from spreading. It’s also great for relieving itchiness.

Many moms have claimed that breast milk is more effective in relieving diaper rashes than diaper creams and ointments.

A breast milk bath can also be useful to treat bee stings and mosquito bites to reduce swelling, pain, and itchiness.  

For psoriasis, eczema, cradle cap

Aside from moisturizing the skin especially under these conditions, a breast milk bath can also prevent infection and speed up the healing of damaged skin. It will keep the skin clean and prevent flare-ups.

Breast milk is that it’s all natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals making it gentle on the skin and won’t further aggravate it. You can also try a breast milk bath if your baby has skin allergies or flare-ups. Moms have used breast milk for cradle cap and have noticed it helps the condition heal faster.  

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Eczema is common in babies because their sensitive skin is prone to dryness. Because of breast milk’s properties of being good for protection against infections, it can help with baby’s eczema. There are a lot of mamas out there who swear by using breast milk baths to cure their baby’s eczema.


Because of the lauric acid found in breast milk, it contains antibacterial properties that can help with spots and acne and combats breakouts.

For treating dry, cracked nipples

A breast milk bath can help heal and soothe damaged nipples. It can also help prevent bacteria that could cause mastitis.

Additional Uses For Breastmilk

To heal skin abrasions

The antibacterial properties of breast milk will help heal wounds faster.

Clear up pink eye/blocked tear ducts

A few drops on the eyes can help clean the area and aid with the healing process. It also helps to lessen the redness and help with the pain.

Puffy eyes

The anti-inflammatory properties found in breast milk will help calm down the swelling and puffiness.

Chapped lips

Rub a bit of breast milk on baby’s chapped lips to help soothe, moisturize, and provide relief to cracked lips. It can also work for older children and even for adults.

How to make a breast milk bath

1. Grab your spare breast milk. If you have stored it in the freezer, give it an hour or so before bath time to thaw.

2. Run the bath. Use warm water to make it extra relaxing but always check if the water isn’t too hot by using your elbow.

3. Pour just enough breast milk in your bath to make the water cloudy (you don’t need a lot) and mix/swirl. 

4. Try to soak baby’s whole body in the bath. Run the milky water bath on the baby’s scalp and back, limbs, neck, and other parts. You can also pour breast milk over the head if your baby has cradle cap.

5. Pat skin dry.

6. Use a moisturizer or some coconut oil to seal in the moisture and make the most of the breast milk bath.

You can also use your sink to create a breast milk bath. This is useful if you only have a limited amount of breast milk and can’t use the right amount for an entire bath.

You can take a breast milk bath one to two times a week until skin issues are healed or relieved.

A breast milk bath might sound strange at first especially if you haven’t heard of it before, but it can be really soothing and therapeutic.

If you have any extra breast milk that your baby won’t drink, try creating a breast milk bath. It also isn’t just for baby – your other kids and even you can use a breast milk bath! It’s a natural remedy for various skin irritations – and it won’t cost you a single cent.

Aside from the normal relaxing benefits of a bath, using breast milk can boost moisture in the skin and heal rashes and other skin issues. You can even mix breast milk with oatmeal to create a soothing bath.

Breast milk truly has amazing benefits and properties that are not only good for baby to take in but also for any skin issues and irritations baby may have.

Have you tried using a breast milk bath for your baby?

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  1. Human breast milk has been used to prevent and treat infections at the site of a circumcision. A Sore Throat: When used as a gargle, breast milk is said to relieve a sore throat. Skin Cleanser: Breast milk has been used to wash the skin, remove make-up, as written in this great article, it also helps to clear up acne.

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