18 Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person

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Looking for fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person?

You see it in the movies and Youtube videos. Everyone is so excited and looking forward to having a new addition to the family. Close friends and family are eager for that big fat positive.

And you’ve finally got it!

Now it’s time to spill the great news. But how?

Want creative ideas on how to announce your pregnancy?

Don’t you just want to see (and perhaps capture it on video) your loved ones’ jolly faces as they lighten up to hear the wonderful news?

In this article, I’ve listed some of the fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person.

But first things first.


This is a very exciting moment for you and your partner. Whether this is your first or third baby, it’s great news to hear a little kiddo is on the way.

But before you set your sights on buying the baby essentials, it’s time to tell your family the great news. Otherwise, the diapers and wipes will be a giveaway and ruin a great opportunity to spill the wonderful news.

Sharing the good news is easy. It’s the set-up to the announcement that is crucial.

If you’re looking for the ideal pregnancy announcement scenarios, I’m here to help.

Here are 18 creative, fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person. 

1. Give them a glimpse of life in your tummy.


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Let’s start this list of fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person with a picture.

What better way to show them the bun in your oven than with a sonogram photo.

How cute it would be to hide this one photo in between the pages of a book you’re giving as a gift. Let them scan through the pages and discover this bookmark that’s safely tucked inside.

“What’s this?”

Then the realization sets in.

“Is this what I think this is? Are you having a baby?”

Or you could hide the sonogram photo inside a greeting card.

Of course, it’s nice to spread the word on social media after you’ve unraveled the great news to your family and friends.

2. Mugs for the grandparents-to-be as well as the future aunts and uncles.

This works best if it’s your first baby.

Imagine this. You and your partner invite the parents over for a lovely brunch. Plates, knives, forks, and spoons all laid out except the mugs.

Nonchalantly, excuse yourself and get up to bring their coffee to the table. Don’t say anything and just act normal. Hand the mugs with the hot beverage instead.

Wait for it. Just wait for their reaction.

If they haven’t noticed, ask them what they think of the new mug. Bring their attention to this cylindrical object that bears the word “Grandma” or “Grandpa.”

Naturally, they’ll ask what’s up with this. They’ll eventually get the hint and figure it out.

Invite the future aunts and uncles too.

Check out the priceless look on their faces.

This fun in person pregnancy announcement is perfect for coffee lovers. How’s that for spilling the beans.

This cool coffee mug is perfect:

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3. Bring out the onesie.

Do you have a special occasion coming soon?

Perhaps a birthday in the family. Or are the holidays coming up?

Here’s a cute way to break the surprise to family and friends.

Wrap a cute, little onesie as a present, and give it to the grandparents-to-be as well as the future aunts and uncles.

Imagine your loved ones unwrapping a gift, thinking you bought them their favorite shirt or dress.

But if you want to build more excitement leading to the gift-giving day, you might want to ask them what’s their favorite gift to have. Then hint that you’re going to give them that plus something else. That will leave them excited.

Give them their “real” gift first then followed by your “surprise” present. Ask them to close their eyes as you hand over the one gift you can’t wait to give.

Don’t forget to capture it the moment on camera. Those curious looks followed by the feeling of astonishment.

What a beautiful moment that would be, deserving to be preserved.

Check out this cute onesie:

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4. Go for a photo shoot.


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Let the kids tag along in this fun activity.

Who couldn’t resist a cute photo of you and your baby bump together with the soon-to-be older siblings?

Get more balloons and cute outfits. It’s time for a photo shoot.

This cool pregnancy reveal is easy to set up and simple to do. Because you’re carrying that baby bump, all you need to do is relax and let the photographer handle all the work for you.

Sure, you’ll be doing a couple of poses, but it can totally fun. Especially if the baby’s siblings are also with you during this activity.

5. Care to try getting baby balloons for your baby news?


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There’s nothing that best screams “surprise” than a bunch of colorful balloons. So what better way to shout out the good news than with a handful of these party accessories.

If you want to get creative, let your balloon message speak it out for you.

Imagine delivering it to their doorsteps. That’s definitely a wonderful surprise.

6. Make the jigsaw pieces fit.

Do your family or friends love puzzles?

Here’s one of the cute and fun ways to announce a pregnancy.

Take a pretty picture of your sonogram photo as if you’re making a pregnancy announcement. Now, instead of leaving it as is, cut it out to pieces and have it made out into a jigsaw.

Let your loved ones figure it out and discover the wonderful surprise.

It’s a fun brain teaser.

Check out this cool jigsaw puzzle:

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7. Announcing the baby news with wine labels.

Are you loved ones big on wine?

Check out this cool way to break the baby news to the wine lovers.

Invite your close friends and family for a wine get-together. Casually set the vino on the table, not drawing attention to it or the label.

Naturally, they will become curious about the wine and check its label. And that’s when they see the wonderful announcement.

With the wine at hand, all that’s left is someone to start the raising of the glasses and toast to this beautiful news.

What’s more, the empty wine bottles make cute keepsakes.

Check out these bottle label stickers:

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8. Get siblings their shirts.


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Do you have kids already?

You can get them involved in announcing pregnancy to family by having them wear cute T-shirts that say “Big Bro” or Big Sister.”

Getting the siblings involved is a great way to calm their anxiety (if there’s any, this is one of the important things to do before the second baby arrives). It can also help in their transition to being the older brother or sister especially when he or she has been an only child for the longest time.

But why stop at T-shirts? You can get more elaborate with baseball caps. Perhaps create a whole ensemble.

Check out this Big Sister pregnancy announcement T-shirt:

9. Fun coupons that are redeemable for one upcoming baby (or two if twins).

Are your parents into couponing?

Here’s the best way to announce pregnancy to your family: baby coupons.

It’s cute and adorable, and the coupons can also serve as invites for the family dinner you’re looking to host.

Print them up for the grandparents-to-be as well as the future aunts and uncles, even cousins. Pass these onto the unsuspecting dinner guests.

The coupons read something like this:

Good for one grandkid.
Please redeem by [expected date of delivery].

Isn’t that an adorable way to send out the fantastic news to the couponing enthusiasts?

10. Taking the expression “a bun in the oven” literally.


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How about you take the expression to a whole new level?

Get creative by spelling out your pregnancy announcement using delicious baked goods. Hope you are in a baking mood!

11. Let dad-to-be wear his dad-to-be shirt.

Here’s a not-so-subtle way to announce pregnancy to everyone. And it involves a T-shirt and the soon-to-be daddy.

How about dad-to-be wears a shirt that says he’s about to be a daddy?

Nothing speaks louder than the message that says “This guy is going to be a daddy!” With those printed words come two thumbs that point to the soon-to-be father.

Check this out:

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12. Keychains for the grandparents-to-be.

This one’s a wonderful novelty item as it is a surprise announcement for your pregnancy.

Spill the big news but not their keys by giving promotion keychains for the grandparents-to-be. It’s a super cute gift idea that lets them figure out the fantastic message.

Once they get to read it, watch as their eyes light up.

Promotion keychains are also a great way to break the news to the rest of the family. And it’s cheap too. How much do keychains cost these days?

With these novelty items, you can spread the happy news to the entire clan.

Check these out:

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13. The subtle hint


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This one is a bit subtle. But for the eagle-eye detectives, it’s a big clue. It’s a beautiful concept that you and your partner can play with.

Are you a sports fan? Have your partner wearing matching sports outfit with you. Matching jerseys and matching baseball caps. And in between the both of you is a tiny version of your ensemble.


Here’s a cute idea. On a table, lay out two pairs of plates, spoons, forks, and glasses for you and your partner. And in between is a tiny version of the table set.

In both settings, I recommend giving a little peek of your baby bump (if it’s already apparent). If not, it’s OK. The tiny version of your outfit or table setting is already a hint.

Take a pretty pic of the setting. Develop the photo and leave it in your parents’ place for them to casually see it by chance.

14. Eyes on the board, please.


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Looking to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones in person but without saying a word?

Invite them over for lunch or dinner without giving any hints to your surprise announcement. Casually, direct them to an area where you have set up a type board.

On the board are letters spelled to say “We’re having a baby!”

The trick is to make the message creative and speak something that’s personal to your loved ones. How cute is that?

15. Get the pup involved.


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Are you a fur mom?

What a cute way to announce the arrival of the new baby than to get your four-legged fur baby involved.

Have the adorable pup pose beside a type board that says “My best friend is arriving a few months from now.” Within that board is a sonogram photo.

Isn’t that an Instagram-worthy picture of your charming fur baby along with an image of the bun in your oven?

Fun photos with the fur baby make for an awesome addition to an album of milestone photos for your human baby.

16. Posting a notice of a new tenant on the crib.


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Do you still have the crib?

Here’s an adorable photo idea. Write an eviction notice and post it on the side of the crib. Make it say something like:


Please note that you are required to vacate this crib in six months. A new tenant is expected to occupy the premises.

17. Announce your pregnancy to your husband 

All throughout this article, we’ve made plans on how to break the big news to the rest of the family. But how about the dad-to-be?

Shouldn’t he be the first target in this operation?

Here’s a great idea. A “first-time dad” shirt.

Casually break the baby news to him with a T-shirt that says “First-Time Dad, Wish Me Luck” or this darling Taco and Taquito set. 

And when it’s time to break the news to the rest of your friends and family, he can wear that shirt, which basically says it all.

Check out this shirt set:

18. Or just keep it short and simple.

Don’t have the time or energy to follow through these fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person?

You’re probably exhausted, going through the hormonal fluctuations or coping with the morning sickness. So why not keep things easy for you?

Get with the KISS plan.

You can skip the elaborate preparation, and just keep it short and simple (and sweet to make it KISSS).

Capturing the perfect pregnancy moment doesn’t have to be stressful or anxiety-inducing for you. If it’s not a fun and enjoyable process for you, skip it and go for something that’s easy on you.

The image isn’t everything. You also have to consider the fun experience as you do the shoot. It’s also about creating wonderful memories.

What do you think about these fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person?

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