30 Uncommon Girl Names That Aren’t Too Unique

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Choosing the perfect name for your newborn daughter can be challenging. So if you want something that’s uniquely beautiful, you might be interested in these uncommon girl names.

Most parents look for unique names for their little girl—names that are distinct and stand out. If you’re like these parents, then this post is for you.

Let’s discover the many uncommon girl names.

Nowadays, you’ll find kids having the same names.

Mary, Elizabeth, Emma, Karen, Jennifer, and Michelle. These are just some of the highly common names that are in use today. Which stirred up my curiosity.

Why do most parents keep coming up with the same names for their daughters?

Have we really ran out of names for girls?

Well, that’s not really entirely accurate.

In fact, there are many available names for girls.

According to Laura Wattenberg, author of the book called The Baby Name Wizard, “There are just so many more names in use today than there were even a few decades ago.”

So what does that mean?

Ms. Wattenberg explained that while the highly common names will still remain popular, they won’t be as ubiquitous as they were once before.

So names like Mary, Jennifer, and Michelle won’t be all over the place as they used to be 10 years or so ago.

She added that they are many resources now that parents can go to when looking for uncommon names. There are a lot of books and websites that list down every possible name for girls.

Why it’s important to pick the right name for your baby?

Her name will be a defining part of her identity, and that’s for a lifetime. So it’s important she has to have the right name.

Are you feeling pressure now?

Don’t be.

We’ve reached the golden age of getting the right name for your baby. We have the resources to help you find the perfect one for your little girl.

But before we get to pick her name, here are some things you might want to know.

Should you pick a baby name that’s super popular?

Imagine how it feels like to hear your name everywhere. With a name so common, that’s highly likely.

Popular names are easy to spell; that’s the main advantage. People won’t have trouble writing down your name in documents or records.

However, with a common name, people will be calling out your name almost everywhere you go.

Plus, there’s the possibility of encountering problems arising from having a similar name with other people.

Which is why many parents tend to avoid giving common names to their kids.

But how do you know which names are popular?

Mary, Anna, Michelle, and Jennifer; we are all familiar with these names because they are very common, right?

Let’s say you’re looking to name your baby girl something that’s not so common. Like Isabella or Aida. These names aren’t that popular in comparison to the above mentioned ones.

But then a few months or years later, you discover these names are actually popular. They may not be in your city, but their popularity is shooting up the nationwide charts.

Suddenly, the names Isabella and Aida are not that unique anymore.

So the question is how do you know which names are popular or trending?

This is where you need to do your homework.

There are two websites that you can visit to check what names are popular. You can also see which ones are trending up or down.

Check out Baby Name Wizard and Nameberry.

Wondering what can you expect from these two websites?

With Baby Name Wizard, you can find all the tools, lists, and blogs that are all related to baby names.

On the other hand, Nameberry is the biggest database in the world when it comes to baby names. You’ll get a creative list of names for boys and girls.

What are the most popular baby girl names in the U.S. today?

As of this writing, Baby Name Wizard has this top 10 list.

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Isabella
  5. Sophia
  6. Mia
  7. Charlotte
  8. Amelia
  9. Evelyn
  10. Abigail

Can’t decide for your baby girl’s name?

When the garden-variety names just won’t cut it, I’d like to share with you uncommon girl names for your little princess.

Whether you’re looking for cute uncommon girl names that start with the letter C to honor your Nana or one that begins with M to match yours, here’s my list of suggested names.

Not just any suggested name. These are unique and distinct names; pretty uncommon girls names to help you get started.

Uncommon Girl Names


Derived from the name of a Greek flower, Acacia is a beautiful-sounding name (probably because of its A construct in the beginning and ending of its spelling). It also sounds very feminine and elegant.


While it’s popular in Spain, you rarely encounter someone having this name in the U.S. What attracts me to the name is its distinctive nature; it has this exotic feel with a lovely pronunciation.


With the success of Grammy Award winner Adele comes the growing attention to the name’s spelling variations. There’s Adela, Adelina, Adeline, and Adelia.

The lovely Adelia is of German origin, which means “noble” or “nobility.” It’s also the name of a flowering plant.


It is the French variation of the American spelling Amber. It is a feminine name derived from the fossilized tree resin, which is used to make jewelry.


It’s of German and French origin, which means “work.”

If you’ll notice, it almost sounds like Emily. Amelie is actually a Bohemian spin with a French accent to Emily.

Amelie enjoyed popularity during the early 2000s; thanks to the charming French film Amelie. Today, the name enjoys popularity in Europe.


Do you have a fascination with the stars?

Andromeda is a beautiful stellar name. It also has roots in mythology. Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia who became a star. A constellation also bears this name.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

There’s also a character named Andromeda Tonks.


It means “grace” in Russian. Annika is a Swedish diminutive of Anna. It is also the name of Star Trek: Voyager character.

Over the years, Annika grew in popularity, probably owing to the success and popularity of the retired Swedish American golfer Annika Sorenstam.


The beautiful name is a Spanish diminutive of the popular name Antonia.

Antonina means “priceless one.”


A lovely and rare girl name with a Welsh origin, which means “pretty” or “very fair.” Anwen is simple-sounding but has a serene feel. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful uncommon girl names, don’t you think?


It is of French origin and a derivative of the popular Greek name Apolonia (which, in turn, is a feminine form of Apollo).

Apolline sounds chic and luscious, don’t you think?

As it is associated with Apollo (who happens to be the Greek god of sun and light), Apolline pertains to strength and is a beautiful option for parents who opt not to name their baby girl Apple.


It gives off an intriguing feel, doesn’t it?

This beautiful name has a Spanish origin, which means “altar of the sky.”

For mountain climbers, the name rings a bell. Araceli Segarra is the first Spanish woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.


It’s a lovely and uncommon girl name of Greek origin.

Did you know it means “region offering peace and contentment”?

Does that bring to mind a place of unspoiled beauty like paradise?


Sounds like the name of a continent, right?

But Assia is actually more of a Muslim name.

Best known for the name is Assia Djebar, which is a pen name of the Algerian filmmaker and novelist Fatima-Zohra Imalayen. She is noted for her works that seek to shed light on the obstacles facing women.

For her work, Assia Djebar received the 1996 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. She’s also a strong contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Used in Scotland, Audra means “noble strength.” It is also associated with American actress and singer Audra McDonald.

While it may be common in Scotland, Audra is overshadowed by the classic Audrey in the U.S. You can say Audra is a variation of Audrey in as much as Jenna is to Jennifer, or Jessa is to Jessica.


It is the feminine variation of Axel, which means “father of peace.”

By putting the suffix “le” and emphasis to it, Axelle is a softened version of the masculine-sounding Axel.


It is a Spanish word, meaning “white.”

Blanca is a wonderful alternative to Bianca and Blanche.


A name that means “to sprout,” Bryony is of Latin origin. It is the name of a wild climbing vine.

Briony is a popular spelling variation of the name and is used in Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an already popular Brittany or Britney, Bryony is an uncommon girl name option.


A feminine form of Caius, Caia is of Latin origin, which means “to rejoice.”

A popular use of the name is Caia Caecilia who is the Roman Goddess of women and fire.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an already commonly used Maya, Caia is definitely it.


Sounds close to cappuccino, right?

But Capucine is a French name, which means “cowled monk.”

Who was named Capucine?

She was a French actress known for her comedic prowess. You can see her in the 1963 version of The Pink Panther. Capucine is also a fashion model.


It is the Spanish form of Catherine and a beautiful variation of the overused Caitlin.

Catalina means “pure.” It is also the name of Italy’s patron saint Santa Catalina of Siena (Italy’s other patron saint is Saint Francis).

The historical figure known as Catherine of Aragon is Catalina de Aragon y Castilla who is the wife of Henry VIII.

In pop culture, Catalina Aruca is a character in the sitcom My Name Is Earl.


An uncommon girl name of French origin, Cerise means “cherry.”

I don’t know about you, but Cerise sounds more intriguing than its English diminutive Cherry.


Of Italian origin, Chiara means “light” or “clear.”

Chiara is not widely used but may sound familiar to some people. Probably because it sounds like Clara, Cara, and Keira.

St. Clare is the anglicized form of Santa Chiara, who was the follower of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Currently, Chiara is well-used in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The name also enjoys popularity in Italy.


Of Greek origin, Circe means “bird.”

In Greek mythology, Circe is the daughter of the sun Helios. Circe was a sorceress who lived in Aeaea. With the stroke of her magic wand, she could transform men into animals.

She was featured in Homer’s Odyssey, turning men into swine.

Girl power? That’s Circe.


A name of Hebrew origin, Doveva means “graceful.”

Doveva is a name heard in Israel. Feminine and graceful.


Elodie and Alodia seem alike, don’t they?

That’s because Elodie is the French variation of its Greek counterpart Alodia.

Elodie means “foreign riches.” Currently, this lyrical and melodious name is popular in England, Wales, and France.

With the accent on the first E, Elodie is a major character in The Earth, a novel by Emile Zola.

Princess Elodie is also the chief video game character in Long Live The Queen.


The uncommon girl name means “esteemed” and “beloved.”

Esme is of French and Persian origin and is closely related to Aimee.

The name is sophisticated and charming that it has become a favorite among celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Samantha Morton, and Katey Sagal.

Also, in pop culture, Esme is the character’s name of the vampire matriarch in Twilight Saga.


The feminine form of Faust, Faustine is of Latin origin, which means “good luck.”

Faust, on the other hand, may be off-putting. He is the character who sold his soul to the devil.

If you’re considering other names that denote good fortune, you might want to consider Felicity.


This uncommon girl name has Portuguese, Irish, and Italian origin. It means “wild” or “weaver.”

Fia may be a short variation of the Spanish and Italian names Sofia and Fiammetta.

If you’re looking for uncommon girl names that are short and pleasant, Fia is a beautiful one.


If you’re a fan of cooking shows on TV, you’re probably familiar with Giada De Laurentiis.

The name Giada sounds distinctive, doesn’t it?

Having an Italian origin, it means “jade.”

Following Ms. De Laurentiis’ popularity, the name also became more common, particularly between 2007 and 2013. But since then, it dropped off.


Of Hindu Sanskrit origin is Indra. The uncommon girl name means “possessing drops of rain.”

In the ancient Hindu religion, Indra is a warrior god (not goddess).

To make it seem distinctive and unique, you can spell it as Indre. Like the 173-mile long river in France.


Beautiful and elegant, Lenore as a name, isn’t it?

It may seem closely related to Eleanor or Eleanora. That’s because it is the Italian diminutive of both names and a German form of Leonora.

In pop culture, Cameron Diaz’s character in The Green Hornet is named Lenore.


It is of Irish origin and a variation of the hugely popular Mary.

While its meaning is “bitter,” Moira does sound appealing and brings to mind an image of a pretty red-haired girl.


What comes to mind when you hear this uncommon girl name?

Doesn’t it evoke a beautiful place?

Of Arabic origin, Sahara means “desert.”


In Latin, Vica means life. This beautiful name is a Hungarian form of Vita.


X marks the spot, and that spot is golden.

Of Greek origin, Xanthe means “golden yellow.”

Doesn’t it sound alluring and exotic?


Looking for a floral choice?

Zinnia is a feminine name with Latin and German origin, meaning “Zinn’s flower.”

In Botany, Zinnia is a flower discovered by German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn.

Searching for uncommon girl names?

Choosing the perfect name for your little princess can be hard.

With this list of uncommon girl names, I hope you found your pick for your daughter.

Does your daughter have an uncommon girl name?

Share it with us below!


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